What Is A Discord Kitten And How To Act Like One

If you are an active Discord user, you may have heard about Discord Kitten. From a while, Discord Kitten is gaining very much popularity among the Discord’s user. But what actually is Discord Kitten?

In this post, we will share everything about Discord Kitten, and how can you act like a Discord kitten. So let’s get started!!

What is Discord Kitten?

Discord Kitten is a slang word used for “Sugar Baby”. Firstly the slang was mentioned in 2016 and gain greater reactions over the time. This slang is actually used for a person, of any gender, who is pampered with materialistic items like goods, service or other kind of benefits in exchange for companionship or their time for dating-like relationship in Discord.

discord kitten

The person who provides items to Discord Kittens are known as Discord Daddies. Usually these are some wealthy individual, of any gender, who are looking for attention and companionship in exchange of services or goods.

How to became a Discord Kitten?

There is not a specific method or setting that you can use to became a Discord Kitten. It is more like how you present yourself and act in the Discord. You have to work on your personality and communication skill to be a Discord Kitten. Below I am sharing some points that you can take care, if you want to act like a Discord Kitten.

Things to note to act like a Discord Kitten

First of all you need to understand how the Discord app actually work as a social media. Start using Discord and try to understand more about Discord. Next to attract people, you need to have an appealing avatar on your profile. I recommend you to use an avatar that matches your personality and on the same time can stand out from the crowd.

join discord dating server

Now you need to find the person who can be the Discord Daddy, for that you need to join servers where you can find them. There are various e-dating servers available on Discord. You can carefully look into them to find a person.

After joining the server, you can introduce yourself, and can built a positive persona. You need to engage with people in a very friendly manner. You can also participate in community events and activities to grow your following. In this manner you can act like a Discord Kitten.

Stay Safe

Discord Kitten can be a fun activity until you are comfortable. Don’t ever do anything you are not comfortable with. Do not share any kind of personal or sensitive information. There could be many scams, you need to be very cautious.

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