What Are Discord Raids & How To Avoid Them

Discord is a very nice place to hang out with your friends and community online. But as we know there are many trouble makers online, who can raid on your server and can create chaos to disturb you. Raids can be very annoying, and no one wants a raid on their Discord server.

In this post, we will discuss about raids and how you can avoid raids on Discord, so let’s begin.

What are raids on Discord?

In Discord, raids are not similar like the raid we know for online games like Destiny 2 or other. In Discord, a raid is when a user, multiple user or bot, join the channel to make trouble intentionally, it could be spam messages, harassment, explicit content, or any other kind of activity that lead to disturb the usual working of the channel.

raids in discord

And not only that, sometimes the raids, if got enough permissions, can delete the whole channel, create or remove ban, create, modify or delete roles, and can change many other settings related to server/channel.

Avoid raids on Discord

Raids can cause so much trouble, so everyone wants to protect the server from raids. Below are some ways that you can use to avoid raids on Discord.

Turn on Raid Protection– Discord comes with default Raid Protection enabled, which protects your server from potential raids and other suspicious activity. You can also check if the Raid Protection in enabled or not by going to “Server Settings > Safety Setup.”

raids protection in discord

Enable AutoMod– AutoMod is a feature where you can create custom rules to detect any kind of suspicious activity like raid. Just go to “Server Settings > AutoMod” and set up the settings.

automod in discord

Set Verification Level– Using verification level, you can make sure that a member must follow a criteria before they can send a message in the channel or can initiate a conversation.There are multiple verification levels- None, Low, Medium, High and Highest.

verification levels in discord

By default it is set on “None” which means no restrictions, anyone can send a message to the channel, you can raise your verification level by going to “Server Settings > Safety Setup > Verification Level.”

Report Raid– If you think, you got raid into your server, you can report the raid to the Discord. Click on the server name, and from the drop down menu, click on “Report Raid”, follow the instructions, and done.

report raid discord


Raids are very common in Discord server now a days. People with different intentions try to raid Discord server, but it’s our responsibility to protect our server from such kinds of events, and in this post, we have shared how you can do it.

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