How To Text Formatting In Discord: Make Font/ Text Big, Bold, Underline, Or Italic

Discord let you communicate with your friends and community via chat channels as well. And it will be more impact we you can format your text in Discord, isn’t it. Discord has some text formatting options that you can use to make your text bigger, bold, underline or italic.

In addition to that you can mask links, create lists, or you can combine them to use. In this post, we will discuss about all the text formatting that you can do in Discord.

Make text big

You can send a bigger font by making them header. To create header you have to use hash mark(#) at the starting of your line. You can use two hash marks(##) for a comparatively small header, use three hash marks(###) to get even smaller header. See the picture for your reference.

Big font discord

Make text bold, italic or underline

To make your font bold, italic or use underline, you have to add some extra formatting elements. Here is the complete list to make font formatting.

  • Italic- *text* or_text_
  • Bold- **bold**
  • Underline- __underline__
  • Bold & Italic- ***text***
  • Underline & Italic- __*text*__
  • Underline & Bold- __**text**__
  • Underline, Bold & Italic- __***text***__
  • Strike through- ~~text~~
discord text formatting

Masked Link

You can use a text as a hyperlink, using the masked link formatting. You can use the text as clickable link, and hiding the original link. To do so, you need to write the text in brackets[ ] and then the link next to it in parentheses { }, for example- (Discord Website){}

List in Discord

You can also create bullets points or list simply by using “-” or “*” in the beginning of the line. For example

– This is first item
* This is second item
* This is third item
– This is fourth item

Discord list

You can use a single sign or both the sign to create a list. You can also create sub points using the same sign, by just adding a space before them. Like

– This is the first item
– This is first sub item
* This is second sub item

Discord list sub points

Code blocks

You can also create a code block and send the text within the block. To do so, you need to use backticks(`) before and after your text. For example- `This is code block text`.

Discord code block

Text formatting in Discord

Formatting is one of the most important aspect of communication, and Discord also has many options that you can use to format your text. In this post, we have shared all the formatting methods of Discord that you can use, and cab make your communication via chat more effective.

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