How To Win A Discord Giveaway- Pro Tips

Discord is a very popular social media platform used by many content creators, gamers, and streamers to build a community with their audience. These people use Discord to engage with their audience.

Beside only communication, Discord is used for many enjoyable activities, giveaways is one of them. Many servers and community groups regularly do giveaways for their members. And in this post, we will share pro tips that you can use to win the giveaways. So let’s begin.

How does giveaway works in Discord

Discord has multiple dedicated servers for giveaways. Do join these kinds of servers. Keep yourself updated with all the activities of the group. Once a giveaway is announced, read all the details carefully, and follow the instructions. Complete all the steps related to participate in the giveaway.

discord giveaway

Now wait for the results, the person who created the giveaway may select the winner manually or can use a bot to do so. If you win the giveaway, your name will be announced as the winner, you can collect the prize my following the instructions given. Below is the way that you can use to increase your chance to win a giveaway.

Follow all the instructions carefully

First step to participate and win a giveaway is to carefully follow all the instructions given in the giveaway announcement. Most of the people, don’t follow the instructions, it can cause direct elimination from giveaway. So make sure, you follow all the guidelines and instructions.

Participate using multiple account

Each member who participate in the giveaway has a small chance, based on the participation, to win the giveaway. So you can participate with multiple accounts, that will increase your chance to win the giveaway. You can create multiple accounts, or you can use accounts of other people like your friend to participate in the giveaway. More the accounts, more chance of winning.

Are Discord giveaway scams?

discord giveaway scam

You may find many giveaway in the Discord, but not all of them are genuine. There are many people you want to scam people and take advantage from them. So you need to be very careful while you enter in a giveaway, it might be a scam.

Final Thoughts

Giveaways are the great way to engage with the community. Everyone want to win the giveaway of there choice, but only few people win the prize, so if you don’t win the giveaway don’t be sad. You should only participate in the giveaway only for fun.

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