How To Verify Age On Discord Complete Details

Discord has a something for everyone. You can join channels and servers of your choice, or can connect with the communities of same liking. If your age is 13+ you can join Discord, this age may also vary in various locations. But you still need to verify your age in Discord app to access all the content you are looking for.

Some of the channels, might also have set age-restrictions, that means you can only join them if your age is verified on Discord, and match with the age-restrictions of the channel. In this post, I am going to tell you complete procedure that you can follow to verify your age on Discord.

Age Verification on Discord

To verify the age on Discord we need to submit a request to Discord support. After the submission they will manually check the details and verify the age. To do so, follow the below given steps-

  • Go to discord official website-
  • On the top header menu click on “Support” link
age verification support on discord
  • Now click on “Submit a request” from the top menu bar
  • A new request window will be open up
age verification request on discord
  • Now select “Trust and Safety” from the drop down
  • Enter your email address, and other description
  • Select “Appeals, age update, other question” from “How can we help?” drop down
  • Now select “Update my age information” from the next drop down
age verification request submit on discord
  • Now enter your phone number and date of birth
  • Read and check mark to confirm, and verify details as shown in picture
age verification request discord
  • Now type in Subject and description of the issue
  • Attach a photo id proof
  • Click on “Submit” button
  • And Done!! Wait for the confirmation.

How much time does it take to verify age on Discord

Discord support do the age verification manually, so it can take upto 30 days to verify your age on Discord. You might get age verification before 30 days, but if your age is not updated even after 30 days, you should contact Discord support team regarding the same.

No age update in Discord

For some safety and privacy concern, Discord doesn’t allow you to update or verify your age directly form the Discord app. You need to contact the Discord support team, to do so. And the complete procedure regarding how you can do it, is shared in the post. Hope you find it helpful.

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