How To Use Discord On School Or College WiFi

Want to use Discord in school or college? But your school wifi doesn’t allow you to do so? Don’t worry; we have the solution. Schools and universities block access to certain websites and apps, and Discord is one of them. But what if you want to use Discord in your school or university?

This post will discuss several ways to access Discord on your school or college wifi. But let me clarify that all the information given in the post is only for educational purposes and does not violate any kind of rule of your school or college.

Why is Discord blocked on school wifi?

Discord in a very popular platform, and restricting access is very annoying. So why you can’t use Discord on school wifi? It is because that the school or college wants you to focus on your studies. If students get access to Discord or any other social media platform, there are chances that they will engage more over there, leading to no focus on studies.

discord block on school wifi

That’s why school and college authorities restrict access to some websites and apps. But below are some ways to access Discord on school wifi too.

The Discord web

discord on school chromebook using browser

Have you tried accessing Discord using its web browser version, No? Try once. There is a possibility that only the Discord app is restricted, but you can access the browser version. Unable to access using the web version too? Check out the other options.

Proxy Servers

You can use a proxy server to access Discord on school wifi. The proxy server acts as a middleman between you and the website. Search for proxy servers on the internet, and use any of them to connect to Discord. But there is a catch, you can access Discord using a proxy server, but it slows down your speed.

Use a VPN

discord on school chromebook using vpn

Using a VPN will let you access the Discord app or web version without any kind of issue. Just install a good VPN of your choice. Log in to the app. Connect to a server, and start using Discord on your school wifi.

I hope the above-mentioned ways helped you access Discord on school wifi; if not, you have the only option left to use your own data; school wifi may have restrictions but your cellular data not.

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