How To Use Discord Giveaway Bot: Manage Your Giveaways

Discord was created for gamers and streamer, but it has gain attention from all the people, whether you are a creator or not. Discord has become a platform where user get in touch with each other, and create community of people. People want to grow their community on Discord, and there are various way to do so, giveaways are one of them.

Giveaways in Discord is a very fun activity to engage and to grow the community. But it could be difficult to manage all the activities manually, but you can use Discord giveaway bot to handle the giveaways, and in this post, we will talk about the same topic, so let’s start.

What is Discord Giveaway bot?

giveaway bot discord

Discord giveaway bot, is a kind of bot which can manage all your giveaway activities, like sending notification for giveaway, selecting the winner, etc fully automatically or with least commands. Using giveaway bot can be a great way to promote your Discord channel or server to build a bigger community, and it also keeps your channel member active.

Is Giveaway bot legal?

Using any bot on Discord is legal, Discord itself gives you the feature to use bot to enhance your communication experience. But you have to follow the Discord community guideline, to avoid any kind of circumstance. And in addition, if you use bot only for fun, it is great, but if you try to scam other or something fishy, you can get into trouble.

How to use Discord Giveaway bot?

  • First of all go to Discord Giveaway Bot official website, to invite it to your server
  • Now click on “Add To Discord” button
discord giveaway bot invite
  • You will be redirected to your Discord app or browser, log in if you haven’t already
  • Now select the server where you want to install the giveaway bot
  • Click on “Continue” button
install discord giveaway bot
  • Check all the permissions that the bot will be using
  • Click on “Authorize” button, to give the access
authorize discord giveaway bot
  • And Done!! You have added the bot to your server.

Important Giveaway bot commands

So now you have successfully installed the bot to your server, here are some of the important commands that you can use with your bot.

/gcreate– To create a new giveaway.
/gdelete <giveaway id>– To delete a giveaway.
/gend<giveaway id>– To end a giveaway.

discord giveaway bot commands

/gabout– To view all the information about the giveaway.
/ghelp– This will show all the commands and details to use the bot.


This is it for this post. Now you know how you can manage the giveaways in Discord using the bot. This will be a very fun and interesting activity. Hope you like the post.

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