How To Start Activities On Discord

Do you know, in Discord you can enjoy a shared experience with your friends, like playing games, using media directly on Discord, without any other app? Yes, by using activities you can do so. Activities is a fun features given by Discord that you can use to watch videos or play games with your friends along with the voice channel capability.

In this post, I will tell you all about the Activity feature of Discord, and how can you start and use the activities with your friends.

What activities are available on Discord?

Discord comes with multiple activities that you can use. Some of them are-

Watch Together– It is an activity which you can use to watch youtube videos together. It will manage the video and audio sync for you, so that you can enjoy your favorite video together.

Poker Night– In this activity you can play with 6 of your friends a Texas hold ’em style game. And you can add up to 17 additional viewer.

activities on discord

Chess in the Park– You can use this activity to play chess with your friends.

Checkers in the Park– To play checkers with your friends on Discord.

Any many others. If you have Nitro subscriptions, you will get access to more activities in Discord. To know about other activities you can check Discord website.

How to start an activity on Discord?

  • Open your Discord app or in browser
  • Go to the Discord server of your choice
  • Now join a voice channel, or start a voice call
  • Now click on “Activity Launcher” icon(Rocket Ship icon)
activities icon on discord
  • Now select the activity you want to start
  • On the first time you need to provide authorization to start an activity
select activities on discord
  • Your friends can join the activity, and you can enjoy it together.

Now you know how you can start an activity on Discord, and can enjoy with your friends without using any other app.

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