How To Share Sound On Discord With And Without Stream

Discord is an amazing social media platform, where you can communicate with your friends or the people with same topic of interest. Communication can be done via text or you can also use video or audio as a mode to communicate. In this post, we will talk about how you can share your sound on Discord as message or while your are sharing your screen.

Share sound in Discord as an audio file

Here are the steps, that you can use to share any sound in Discord.

  • After opening the Discord app, first of all join the server of your choice or go to private DM if you where you want to share the sound
  • Click on the “+” icon from the bottom message bar
share sound in discord
  • Now click on “Upload a File”
upload sound in discord
  • Window browser will open up. Select the sound that you want to share
  • Click on “Open” button
upload sound discord
  • If you want to add text to the sound(optional), type the message in the text bar
upload sound discord with text
  • Press “Enter”

Allow sound on Discord stream

Discord also offers you the stream your screen with all the members of the channel or in the DMs as well. But there are exceptions in sound sharing while streaming. Here are the steps that you can use to stream on Discord with sound.

  • First of all, go to the server where you want to stream on Discord
  • Now join the voice channel
  • Next, click on “Screen” button, near bottom left side of the screen
share screen discord
  • Now you will get two options, one to share a single application and other to stream the full screen
  • You need to go to “Applications” or “Window” tab to stream the single application, because you can only share sound when a single application is shared, you can’t share sound while streaming entire screen
  • Select the application window you want to stream
share screen discord single window
  • Click on “Go Live” or “Share”button and done
  • Don’t worry you can change the application you are streaming.


You can share sound in Discord directly or while streaming. And now you know about both the methods. So go and have fun with your friends. That’s it for the post, hope you liked it.

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