How To Raid A Discord Server With & Without Bot

A raid on Discord server means a large number of users or bots join a server all-together to cause damages in the server or with the malicious purposes. Raid can be done by group of persons, or bots can be used to do raid in the Discord.

In this post, we are going to discuss more about Discord raid, how people do raid on Discord, and how you can keep your server safe or minimize the damage if your server get raid on Discord.

How one can raid Discord server?

First of all, please note that raiding in Discord is against the terms and conditions of Discord. A person find out behind raid might get permanently ban. But people do raid on the server, and here’s how they do it-

raids in discord

Using link

This is most common way to raid a Discord server, in this, one can get a link, that allow other people to join in the server, is shared in other servers to invite more people to join the server using the link. This lets people with the intention to raid the server into the server, and create unpleasant environment and damages to the server.

Spamming the bots for raid

In this kinds of raids, a person, or a group of persons, target a Discord server with bots. They launch many bots simultaneously to raid in the server. These kinds of attacks are planned to do some serious damages to the server, or even to destroy a server. One needs to have a proper knowledge to send the bots to the server, that why these types of raids are even more dangerous.

Protect server from Raids

Raids are very bad for Discord server, you need to protect your server from any kind of raid, here are some things that you can use to keep your server safe.

Raid Protection Alert– Discord has a inbulit raid protect alert option, which takes actions automatically to protect your server from raids. You also get an alert on the channel of your choice, which can prevent the server from raid. You can go to “Server Settings>>Safety Setup” to use raid alert.

raid protection alert discord

Use AutoMod– AutoMod is the amazing feature of Discord which can detect and block spam messages and post. AutoMod has various different filters that you can use to enhance the safety of your server. You can turn on AutoMod from the server settings.

discord automod protection

Verification Level– You can set verification level by going to “Server Settings >> Safety Setup >> Verification Level”, after this a user needs to verify their email id or phone number before sending any message in the server.

verification levels in discord

Enable Slowmode– If you think, your server in is the raid, turn on Slowmode, which will limit the number of message a person can send in the server. You can turn on Slowmode by going to “Edit Channel>>Overview”

slowmode discord

Report Raid– Report the raid to Discord. Click on your server name, from the dropdown click on “Report Raid”.

report raid discord

Discord Server Raids

Raids in Discord are not allowed, but many people having different motivation, try to raid other people’ server, and how they do it, is mentioned in the post. We have also shared some tips that you can use to protect your server from raids.

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