How To Key Bind Mute on Discord

Discord is a platform which was initially developed for gamers, but now lots of active users whether they play games or not are using Discord to communicate with people. Discord has different methods to communicate, you can text, send audio or even video. And all these also comes with many handy features with them.

Like if you are connected with multiple people at a time on an audio call, you can mute yourself if you are not talking, or you can mute yourself if you don’t want to share your audio for any reason. And more interesting is that you can do that just by pressing some keys of your choice. Wanna know how? Read the complete post to know how you can key bind mute on Discord.

Toggle Mute and Push To Mute Discord

Before we discuss how you can key bind mute on Discord, let me tell you that there are two types of mute in Discord- “Toggle Mute” and “Push To Mute”. In Toggle Mute, you can press the key to mute or unmute yourself. In Push to Mute, you need to press and hold the key to keep yourself mute, once you release the key to mute you will be unmute.

Key bind mute in Discord PC

Below are the steps to key bind mute in Discord-

  • Open Discord and login to your account
  • Go to “User Settings”
discord user settings
  • From the left sidebar, click on “Keybinds”
keybinds to mute on discord
  • Now you will see Keybind window, click on “Add a Keybind” button
  • A new key action will be created with the name “Unassigned”
  • Click on “Unassigned”, a drop down menu will come
mute new keybind discord
  • Select “Toggle Mute” or “Push to Mute” based on your prefernce
  • Click on “Record Keybind”
  • Now press the keys that you want to use, you can also use the mouse
  • And done !!

Key bind mute in Discord Mobile

Currently there is no option to key bind mute on Discord mobile, and it is also not available in Discord web version. You can only key bind using Discord desktop app. You can download Discord desktop from the official Discord website.

Final Thoughts

Mute and unmute yourself is very important, and knowing how you can do that is more important. Now you can key bind mute with the keys of your choice and make your Discord experience more convenient. Hope your like the post.

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