How To Key Bind Deafen in Discord

You can communicate with multiple people on Discord at a single time, but it can be very disturbing if everyone tries to speak at same time, or you get distracted in the game due to noises from different users. Don’t worry Discord got this issue cover with deafen feature.

In this post, we will talk about deafen and how you can key bind deafen in Discord, so that you can us the feature easily. So let’s begin.

What is deafen in Discord

Deafen is a great feature in Discord which you can use to mute others. In simple terms if you turn on deafen you will not hear the voice and other people will not be able to get your voice in Discord. Deafen is represented by the headphone icon in Discord, you can click on the deafen icon to toggle on and off the deafen feature, or you can also keybind the deafen with the keys of your choice, which we will discuss further.

Deafen vs Mute

mute unmute on discord

If you toggle on deafen no one will be able to get your voice similar to the mute. But in mute you only mute yourself, which means other people will not get hear you in the voice channel, but you will get other people’s voice. In deafen you not only mute yourself, you mute other people for you as well, which means you will not hear any voice channel.

Key bind deafen in Discord PC

You can set specific key to toggle on and off deafen in Discord, and here’s how you can do that-

  • Open Discord desktop version
  • Login to your account
  • Click on “User Settings”
discord user settings
  • Click on “Keybinds” from the left sidebar
  • Click on “Add a Keybind” button, right side of the screen
keybinds to mute on discord
  • A new action- “Unassigned” will be created
  • Click on “Unassigned” a drop down will come up
keybind deafen discord unassigned
  • Select “Deafen”
  • Click on “Record Keyboard”
mute new keybind discord
  • Press the key that you want to use, you can also use the mouse
  • And done!!

Key bind deafen in Discord mobile

Key bind is the feature which is only available in the Discord desktop version. There is no option to key bind in Discord mobile, this is also not available in Discord web version. So you need to install the Discord desktop app from the official website of Discord, if not installed yet.

Final Words

Deafen is a great feature to use, you can keep focus on different tasks, by using the deafen. And now you know how you can key bind deafen to the keys of your choice. Hope you find the post useful.

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