How To Integrate And Authorize Logitech G Hub On Discord

Discord is a great platform to connect with friends and to build community with people. It’s an easy to use platform to communicate with each other online. You can text, talk or can even play music, video or games together on Discord. And to make the experience better, Discord gives the option to integrate other apps with the app.

So, in this post, we will discuss about Logitech G Hub and how you can integrate and authorize Logitech G Hub on Discord.

What is Logitech G Hub?

Logitech is a computer software and peripherals manufacturer company. Logitech is very famous in the gaming community because of it’s amazing gaming products like mouse, keyboards, webcams and others.

logitech g hub

To give a more pleasant experience to all the users, Logitech comes up with G Hub where you can configure and customize the Logitech products as per your style. With G Hub you can set up the mouse and keyboard based on your gaming preference, and even can customize the lighting effect according to you. With all these amazing features you can take your gaming experience to next level.

Integrate and configure Logitech G Hub with Discord

  • First of all open the Logitech G Hub app, if not install yet, download and install it from the Official Website
  • In the app click on “Desktop:Default”
  • From the drop down menu click on “MANAGE PROFILES”
logitech g hub manage profile
  • Go to “Integration” tab
  • Click on “Discord”
logitech g hub discord integrations
  • Now toggle on the “ENABLED” to integrate the app with Discord
logitech g hub discord enabled
  • Now on the Discord app(redirect), read and verify all the permission that the app required
  • Click on “Authorize” button, and done.
logitech g hub discord authorization

Quite simple right ! So that’s how easily you can integrate and authorize the Logitech G Hub with your Discord.

Final Words

With amazing feature and customization settings like Sensitivity-DPI settings, key assignments, light sync and effects, and many other Logitech G Hub is a great tool for gamers. If you also loves to play, you can integrate it with Discord to have more fun.

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