How To Fix Discord Black Screen Windows 10

Without wasting any time let’s, start press windows plus x, key together to open options. Then click on search type, tsk mgr in the search right, click on task manager and select run as administrator now pay attention for some users.

Task manager would open in quick mode if it opens in a quick mode like this, then you need to click on more details. Now, click on file menu and select run new task. Now click browse button and follow my screen: choose this file and c drive.

We will need to provide update option before we run it now. Click at the end and type this update option like this now again pay attention. We need to run this to update the libraries so check on this box here and then click on ok now execute gpu update command, follow my screen.

This does half of our work here now execute this cls command and now type exit and quit this window close. This task manager too now in the next step, right click on discord, go to properties, go to compatibility options, check this box and choose windows, vista or windows xp in case, if it shows it otherwise choose windows list now, go to properties again now open file, location, Discord directory will open now right.

Click on this calls properties. Once again, then, here also, we need to set compatibility mode as um windows, 8 or windows vista okay, now just close this window, uh right click on this call from the taskbar and quit it now open discord icon from the desktop.

It should start without showing any errors.

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