How To Boost Mic Volume In Discord

On Discord you can connect with your friends or community over chat, audio or video. You can also play games with your friends together, but if your mic volume is not good, you can’t enjoy many things. But don’t worry, you can boost your mic volume in Discord.

Boosting your mic volume will make the communication more efficient and smooth , and in this post, we are going to discuss about the methods that you can use to boost your mic volume in Discord.

Boost your mic volume

There can be many reasons behind the low mic volume, below you can check some methods and tips that you can use to boost your mic volume.

Factory Reset Discord voice settings

First thing you can do is to reset the voice settings in Discord, there could be some issue due to voice settings in your Discord. Here’s how you can do this-

  • Open Discord and login to your account
  • Click on “User Settings”
discord user settings
  • Go to “Voice & Video” from the left side bar
  • Scroll down till the end
  • Click on “Reset Voice Setting” button
reset mic volume discord
  • Click on “Okay” button to confirm
  • Close the settings.
reset mic volume discord confirm

Turn off Automatic input sensitivity

Discord has the feature where it automatically adjust the input sensitivity. This can cause voice issues, your can toggle off this to boost your mic volume, here are the steps-

  • Open and login to your Discord account
  • Go to “User Settings”
  • Go to “Voice & Video”
toggle off automatic input sensitivity
  • Under “Input Sensitivity” toggle off “Automatically determine input sensitivity”
  • Save the settings, and done !!

Increase the input volume

Once you have turn off the automatic input sensitivity, you can adjust the input volume manually.

  • Open Discord, login to your account
  • Go to “User Settings>>Voice & Video”
  • You will find “Input Volume” option there, and a slider below it
increase input volume discord
  • Move the slider to the right to increase the volume
  • Save the settings, and done!!

Other tips to boost mic volume in Discord

Below are some other tips that you can use to get good mic volume in Discord.

Use a good quality mic– Do use a good quality mic when you communicate or play game with your friends on Discord. Good quality mics are very good at capturing and transferring the audio.

Clean your mic– If you are using your mic from a long time, there are possibilities that it gets dirt around it, you can clean your mic and than check the volume.

Avoid background noise– Background noise can be the reason behind the low quality audio. Make sure you are in a quiet place, when you are playing games or communicating with community on Discord.

So these are some methods and tips that you can use to boost the mic volume in Discord. Hope you find the post helpful.

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