How To Boost Activity On A Discord Server

If you are a Discord server owner, you have a great responsibility to manage your server while keeping it highly active and fun. Want to know how you can boost activity on your Discord server? Read the complete post, in this post we are going to share many tips that you can use to drive more engagement and build a great community online.

Talk and engage with group member

The most important part of the server are the server members. You have a community of people, which likes to interact with each other, so make sure you are highly active in your server and keeping the members engage. To do this, you can start a new conversation, reply back to the messages, take part in discussions, and reacting to others.

be active in discord

You can also do some regular activities like sharing quotes, memes, informative content, quizzes, polls, reviews, and other posts to make your server more engaging and active.

Give roles and create teams

add roles to discord

When you create a server for the community, it will grow eventually, and if your server is big, it is very tough to manage the server all alone. You can give roles to other members of the server and can create a team that manage the server efficiently and help you to keep the server active and engaging.


Events are great way to boost the activity in the server. You can host events in your server time to time to engage the members. You can create events to have a great chit-chat, or you can host games, videos, or music which you can enjoy with your community in your server. By hosting events you will also gain new members as people usually invite their friends to attend the events together, this will eventually boost the activity in your server.


giveaway bot discord

Giveaways are always very fun and engaging activity. You can also host giveaways in your server for your members, you can giveaway some digital goods or any physical items. For giveaways winners you can organize quiz or set some conditions like most engaging post, most active person, or other. This will encourage the member of the server to be more active and engaging in the server.

You can advertise you server to get more members. There are many listings server on Discord that you can use to advertise your server, and you will gain more active and engaging user that will definitely help you boost the server activity. While advertising make sure you depict your server as it is, do describe what your server is all about, so that only people with relative interest can join your server.

Discord Server Activity

Creating and maintaining a highly engaging server is not a cup of a tea for everyone. But you can do many things to boost your server activity, and you are the most important part of it, make sure you are active and giving the quality engagement in your server. And than you can try all of the tips and methods mention in the post.

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