How To Boost A Discord Server?

Discord is a free to use social media platform with cool and amazing feature, but you can boost your server to get extra perks and additional functionality. Discord has different boost level based on which you get additional features.

In addition to the special perks you also get a special profile badge and you receive “Server Booster” role. You can also get all these by boosting your server, and in this post, we are going to discuss how you can boost your Discord server.

Boost Discord server on PC

  • Open Discord and login to your account
  • Go to the specific server
  • Click on Server Settings drop down menu
  • Click on “Server Boost”
server boost discord
  • You will be redirected to Server Boost screen
  • Click on “Boost This Server” button
boost this server discord
  • You will get a pop-up window to review the boost
  • Use “-” and “+” button to select how many server boost you want
  • Once done, click on “Continue” button
boost this server discord review
  • Now you will be on “Review” page
  • Select payment method
boost this server discord payment
  • Check mark on the LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO to agree with terms and contitions
  • Click on “Purchase” button
boost this server discord term and conditions
  • And you have successfully boosted the server

Boost Discord server on mobile- Android or iOS

  • Open the Discord app
  • Go to the server you want to boost
  • Click on the three bot icon next to the server name
  • Tap on “Boost”
boost discord server mobile
  • Click on “Boost This Server” button
  • Select boost
  • Select payment method
boost discord server mobile payment
  • Pay for the boost and done.

Can you boost Discord server for free?

No, there is no official way to get boost the Discord server for free, and if you see any kind of bot or website that are giving you free server boost, we recommend you to stay away from these kinds of website, that might be malicious or scam. But one can transfer the boost for free. So if your friends has server boost, you can ask them to transfer it, which will not cost anything to you.

Can you boost Discord server without Nitro?

Nitro subscription gives you additional benefit and boost discount as well. But you can boost your server without purchasing Nitro subscription. So the answer to this question is YES, you can boost server without getting NITRO.

New server boost

Boost gives you additional benefits and features on different level, you can boost your server to different level based on the benefits you want to get and Discord is experimenting and researching, to give you more perks in the future.

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