How To Blacklist Words On Discord Server With & Without Bots

Discord is a very fun place to have fun with your friends, and other community. But there are some words which can be inappropriate or sensitive for other, and you will always try to avoid these kinds of words in the chat, so keep the environment pleasant.

In this case, and to add an additional layer, you can blacklist words and content using Discord in-built feature or Discord bots like MEE6, Dyno, etc. In this post, you will learn complete procedure to do so.

Blacklist word with Discord in-built function

Discord has Automod feature that you can use to blacklist words, here are the steps to use Automod-

  • Go to the Discord server for which you want to ban words
  • Go to “Server Settings>>Automod”
discord automod filters
  • In Automod window you will see various content filters
  • Click on the “Set up” button under Block Commonly Flagged Words
  • Select the type of language
  • Choose the response, when someone send those commonly flag words
Set Up Commonly Flagged Words discord
  • Select channel where you want to receive the alert for the same
  • You can make exception for some roles or channels
send alert for words discord
  • This will blacklist all the commonly flagged words
  • To block custom words, click on “Create” button under Block Custom Words
  • Type all the words that you want to blacklist, use comma(,) between different words
ban custom words discord
  • You can use asterisk(*) before or after the words to blacklist even the partial words
  • Select the response
  • Add any role or channel exception if you want
  • Click on “Save Changes” button.

How to Blacklist Words on Discord with Dyno

  • Go to
  • Click on the “Login with Discord” button
login with discord dyno
  • Click on “Authorize” button
  • You will be on Manage server dashboard
  • Select the server
automod dyno
  • Scroll down a bit, and toggle on “Automod” module
  • Now go to “Auto Delete” settings
autodelete settings dyno
  • Select the channel
  • Click on “+Add Filter”
  • Now select the filter that you want to use
blacklist word discord dyno
  • Type in the text
  • Click on “Add” button, and done

How to Blacklist Words on Discord with MEE6

login with discord mee6
  • Click on “Authorize” button
login with discord mee6 authorize
  • Select the server, and click on “Go” button
select server mee6
  • Click on “Moderator” option under “Server Management” from the left side menu bar
moderator mee6
  • Click on “Activate Moderator” button
activate moderator mee6
  • Click on “Bad Words” settings
mee6 ban words
  • Scroll down and type the exact word or partial matching word in the Additional Setting
mee6 ban words list
  • Click on “Save & Close” button
mee6 ban words list save and close
  • Click on “Bad Words” drop down menu
  • Select what you want to do, when someone send the that text
bad word reaction mee6
  • Click on “Save” button and done

How to Blacklist Words on Discord with Carlbot

carlbot login with discord
  • Click on “Authorize” button
  • Select the server
  • Click on “Automod” under Moderation
  • Scroll a bit and type the word that you want to blacklist under “Bad Word” section
carlbot bad word
  • Select what you want to do if Carlbot get that word
  • Click on “Save” button, and done.
carlbot bad word save settings

This is how you can blacklist any inappropriate or sensitive word in Discord with and without using bots. Do use any of the method above to blacklist the words that can disturb the pleasant environment of your Discord server.

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