How To Black Out Text In Discord- Spoiler Tag

In Discord you can communicate with your friends in group, and when you are in a group, there can be some messages that might not for you.

It can be some text or image about a new show or movie, that your friends have watched, but not you. For this kind of situations, Discord has a blackout text feature.

Black out text is a very amazing feature, it can hide information, can create suspense, and can add a layer of mystery in the message. In this post, we are going to discuss how you can use the spoiler tag to black out text in Discord.

Black out text in Discord with ||

There are various methods to black out text in Discord, you can use any of them, to get the work done. Let’s start with the easiest one.

  • In this method you just need to wrap your text in two vertical bars- ||
  • Type your text in the chatbox
  • Type || before and after your text
black out text in discord with vertical lines
  • Press “Enter” to send the black out text

Black out text in Discord using Spoiler tag

You can also use the Spoiler tag, to black out text in Discord. This is how you can do that-

  • Type “/spoiler”
  • Next type the text you want to send
black out text in discord with spoiler tag
  • Press “Enter”, your text will be black out

Send images with Spoiler tag

Not only text, you can send images as spoiler in Discord. Check out how-

  • Click on “+” icon, given in the chatbox
add image in discord spoiler
  • Select the image that you want to send or
  • You can drag and drop the image directly
  • Before sending the image, you will be able to see an eye icon on the image
  • Click on that eye icon to apply the spoiler tag to image
spoiler image in discord
  • You can also click on pencil button, to add more details like description or alt text
  • Check mark on “Mark as spoiler”
mark as spoiler discord
  • Click on “Save” button
  • Now you can send the image

Blackout text or images in Discord mobile

You can use the two vertical lines on mobile to black out the text. As same to the desktop version wrap your text with ||, for example -|| This is the example text for blacking out|| to black out the text in your mobile. If you are using iOS you can do this also-

  • Select the text
  • Tap on the text, to open the context menu
  • Click on “Mark as Spoiler”
  • Send the text
mark as spoiler discord mobile

For images-

  • Click on the “+” icon to add the image
  • Select the image that you want to send
  • Tap on the “Mark as spoiler” checkmark from the pop-up
  • Send the image


This is how you can black out text in Discord using the spoiler tag. You can also use the tag for images or other files, one can see the text or image if they want to see it, until it will he hidden as a spoiler. So that’s it for this post, hope you find it useful.

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