How To Bind Or Restrict A Discord Bot To A Specific Channel

Discord is a very nice place to hangout online and create community. People can create groups and channels to communicate, and can use bots to manage the server more efficiently. But once you add a bot to server, all the channels in the server are accessible to the bot.

It can be very cumbersome to have bot in all the channels, but you can bind or restrict the bot to a single channel, want to know how? Keep reading the post, as in this post, we are going to discuss all the details about the same.

How to bind Discord bot to one channel

  • Open up Discord, and login to your account
  • Go to the server
  • Click on the Server Name drop down menu or
server settings discord
  • Right click in the server name
  • Go to “Server Settings”
  • Click on “Integrations”
server settings integeration discord
  • On the Integration page, scroll down to “Bots and Apps”
  • You will find “Manage” button with every bot
  • Click on “Manage” from the bot which you want to bind
app and bot discord manage
  • Scroll down a bit, and look for “Channels”
  • You will see that the bot is available to all the channels
  • If not all the channels are visible click on “Add Channels” button
add channel in discord integration
  • Check mark all the channels
  • Click on “Add” button
  • Now you will see all the channels, and cross and check mark icon associated with them, on the right
bind bot to channel
  • Select the check mark on the channel which you want to bind the bot with
  • Select cross to make bot inaccessible to that channels
  • Click on “Save Changes” button, and done.

Remove bot from channels or server

If you want to remove the bot or the app, you can also do that, here are the steps to do so-

  • Open Discord and login to your account
  • Right click on the server
  • Go to server settings
server settings integeration discord
  • Click on “Integrations”
  • On the Integrations window, click on “Manage” next to the bot, you want to remove
app and bot discord manage
  • Scroll down to last
  • Now you will see “Remove App” button, click on that
remove app discord
  • Confirm you action by clicking on “Remove App” again
confirm remove app discord
  • And done !!


Using bot in Discord is a great way to manage the servers and channels, but sometimes it can do the opposite. So if you want you can remove the bot, or you can bind or restrict the bot to specific channels only. In this post, we have shared, how you can to this, hope you find it useful.

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