How To Be Unblocked On Discord

Millions of people are using Discord on daily basis to communicate with people all around the world. Anyone can join or create a Discord server of their choice. Discord also gives the freedom to users to chat with the people they want, if they don’t want to connect, they can use the block feature, to keep the user away from them.

If you find yourself blocked by someone and want to unblock yourself, here are some things that you try. In this post, we are sharing some tips that you can use, if you find yourself blocked on Discord.

Reason of getting blocked

The most important thing is, to look for the reason that has cause this action. Every Discord server has its different rules and guidelines, not following them, can be the reason, or you have did that might have hurt some people, or there can be a misunderstanding as well.

blocked on discord

You should take a moment to think, and consider why you got blocked in the first place. Identifying the root cause will help you communicate in a better perspective and clarity.

Contact the user

If you think that blocking you was a mistake, or you need to clarify the things, you can connect the user using some alternatives channels, it might be another group, or you can contact them on different social platform as well.

If you believe that some of your actions led to the block, there is no harm in apologize for the same. A sincere apology can help you in getting unblocked.

Blocked by Discord itself

If you have got blocked directly by the Discord, you need to contact Discord Support. On the website you can find multiple resources and you can also raise a support ticket for your account. Once you submit a request you have to wait a while to get a response from Discord support.

Final Words

In conclusion, i would suggest you to be patience, and respect whatever the decision you get. But make sure that you avoid any thing that might get you blocked again in the future. Maintain a positive and respectful presence on Discord, so that you can avoid any kind of account level action.

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