How to Be Safe on Discord: Everything You Need To Know

Discord is a growing social media platform, initially developed for gamers, Discord is now a part of many individuals where one can connect with friends and people across globe, to create a community. As it is growing, the safety issues are growing with it. You know how much important it is to keep yourself safe on the internet.

Discord is a very safe place where you can hangout online, but we always need to be cautious. In this post, we are going to discuss more about safety tips and how you can keep yourself safe on Discord.

Is Discord safe?

First of all let talk about, is Discord as a platform is safe or not? Discord is just like other social media platform, where you can find different people, communities and server, now the choice is in your hands.

is discord safe

While it is user responsibility to avoid any kind of suspicious or inappropriate activity, Discord also have it’s own rules and guidelines to protect the users. Discord also have in-built privacy and security settings that one can use to be safe on Discord.

Tips to be safe on Discord

Discord itself is a safe platform to use, below we are sharing some tips that you can use to be safe on Discord-

Use a strong password– The first thing you can do to protect yourself, is to use a strong user password for your account. Your username is visible to everyone on Discord, so your password should be tough to guess so that no one can get into your account. Create a long password with mix of uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numbers and special characters.

use strong password discord

Enable 2FA– 2FA is an additional layer of security, that you can use in addition to your password to keep your account safe.

Privacy & Safety settings– You can set up privacy and safety settings on Discord based on your preference. Discord gives you various default settings like direct message filters, explicit image filters, spam filters, friend request settings, and other. You can check all these settings on User Settings>>Privacy & Safety.

discord privacy and safety settings

Don’t click on any suspicious link– Don’t click on any link that look suspicious, or don’t download any files or applications that you don’t know or trust.

Don’t share any personal or sensitive details– Make sure you don’t share any kind of personal and sensitive details to anyone on Discord, that can be a scam.

do not share sensitive details

Block user– If someone try to contact you via a server group or through DM directly, and if the user look suspicious you can block them. Blocking them will remove them from your friend list, and they will not be able to contact you further.


Keeping yourself safe is a very important tasks if you are using Discord. Here we have shared all the tips that you can use to keep yourself safe. At the end, we would suggest you to be very cautious when you use Discord.

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