How To Be An Active Developer on Discord

If you are a active member of the developer community in Discord, you can have a Active Developer badge on your profile. To acknowledge the creativity of the developer, Discord offers a developer badge.

If you want to get the active developer badge on your account, this post if for you, in this post, we will discuss about the eligibility to get the developer badge, where and how you can get the badge, and other details regarding the badge.

Eligibility of Active Developer badge

Any individual or team of developer are eligible for the active developer badge, if they own at least one active app/bot on Discord, and to consider the app as active, it should have executed an application commands in the last 30 days.

active developer badge

Here application commands means the slash commands or the context menu commands. Legacy prefix based commands or other kind of API interaction does not count.

How to get Active Developer badge on Discord

If you have an active application on Discord, go to Discord Developer Portal to get the active developer badge. You need to follow these steps-

  • Select any active app, which is eligible
  • Now select the server for your app(The server should be a community server, and you should have the admin permissions of the server)
  • Next you have to select the channel where you want to publish developer news
  • And done, after all these steps, you will find an active developer badge on your Discord account.

Create a application

You need to have an active application to get an active developer badge, but if you don’t have any active application, don’t worry, follow these steps to create an application-

  • On the Discord Developer Portal, click on the “Applications” option, from the left side bar
  • Now click on “New Application” button
create new application discord
  • Type a name for you application
  • Read policies and term of services, check mark it to agree with all the policies
  • Click on “Create” button
new application discord name
  • Now enter all the general information about the app, like app icon, description, tag, etc
  • You can also update any settings and option if you want, save the changes.
enter application details discord


This is how you can get an active developer badge on Discord, but you need to maintain the eligibility criteria to keep the badge next to your account, we have mentioned all the details in the post, I hope you will not face any kind of difficulty now.

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