How To Be a Discord Moderator

Discord has millions of users from all around the world who interact with each other on a daily basis. Anyone can communicate via personal chat, server groups, or other community-based channels. Managing them efficiently is a very important task. Group admins or people with specific higher authority roles have the responsibility to do so.

In addition to that Discord also has Discord Moderators who help in managing the server efficiently. They have all the required permissions to manage the servers. Anyone can be a Discord Mod, and in this post, we are going to discuss more about the same.

What is Discord Moderator?

A Discord Moderator is a person who plays a very crucial role in managing and keeping the server safe. Mod monitors the activities of different users and takes actions based on it. They try to provide any kind of assistance needed by the users and try to resolve, it if any issue arises.

what is discord moderator

In addition to that, they keep a close eye on the users, implement all the rules and guidelines, and take appropriate action if anyone doesn’t follow them, to keep the environment safe and fun.

How to be a Discord server moderator?

Admin has the responsibility to manage the server, but if the group becomes large, delegation of the responsibility should be done, that’s why an admin creates mod roles. The host of the server posts about the need for a moderator and you have to fill out the form with your personal details, the host will then decide whether to give you the mod roles or not.

Certified Discord moderator

Rather than being just a regular server mod, you can be a certified Discord moderator. Below are the steps that you need to follow-

Learn Discord policies– Learning about Discord policies, terms and conditions, guidelines, and rules is the first step. You can go to Discord’s Safety Library(Discord Moderator Academy), where you will get various resources through which you can learn about Discord.

discord safety library

Give the test– Once you acquire the required knowledge, it’s time to show what you have learned by giving a test, you will find the test in Discord’s Moderator Academy’s articles. It is to check how efficiently you can manage important moderator situations.

Discord Moderator Community– After you complete your test, Discord will send you an invite to join Discord Moderator Community, where you can connect with other Discord mod.

Discord mod responsibility

To be a Discord mod is a great accomplishment, but it has its own responsibilities to take care of. Every user wants a great pleasurable environment on Discord, and Discord mods are the ones who try to give them that environment.

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