How To Be A Discord Kitten: All Details You Are Looking For

Discord is a platform where you can find various types of people and can communicate with them, one of the many users on Discord, one is getting very much attention now a days which is Discord Kitten. But what actually is Discord kitten and how can you be a Discord kitten? In this post, we are going to discuss about the same.

What is Discord Kitten?

In simple words, Discord kitten is sugar baby, it is a slang word used on Discord for these users. Majorly Discord kitten are female users on Discord, but it is not necessary, Discord kitten can be any person.

discord kitten

Discord kitten are those users on Discord who exchange their companionship or their time for dating-like experience for any kind of materialistic items like gifts and perks. People who pays for this are known as Discord daddies. Discord daddies are usually old, lonely, and wealthy people who seeks time and attention.

How to be a Discord kitten

There is no specific eligibility criteria to be a Discord kitten. These are also usual users on Discord just with some different kind of actions and behavior. To be a Discord kitten you need to work on your online personality and communication skills.

You also need to understand how the Discord works as a platform. You need to create an appealing account and online persona that can attract different people who can offer you the gifts and perks in exchange of your time.

discord kitten

Tips to be a Discord kitten

Be active– At the end Discord is also a social media platform with it’s own algorithm and terms and conditions. So you need to be active and use it to understand how it actually works. You need to find out the person, who can be a Discord daddy, to do so you can look for these kinds of people on various different e-dating servers available on Discord.

Engage with people- Engaging with people is the most important aspect of being a Discord kitten. You need to engage with people in a friendly manner. Try to participate in various events and activities in Discord to get a higher visibility.

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Creating an appealing account bio- First thing that people will see about you is your account and bio. So make sure you have an appealing avatar and bio, that make you stand out from other users.

Be Real

Monetary benefits do control and affect the action of the Discord kitten. But make sure it is just a fun activity. Do not share any kind of personal or sensitive information, or don’t do any thing that seems suspicious or uncomfortable to you. Be cautious and stay safe.

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