How To Ban Words And Emoji On Discord

Anyone can create a group on Discord to communicate with friends, or can make it a large community of people sharing same interest. But with big community, comes big responsibility, you have to manage your server efficiently, so that each member can enjoy.

You should keep your server free from any kind of swear or profane words or content. You can do that by ban explicit content and words from the Discord server. And in this post, you will learn how you can do that.

Use AutoMod to filter out explicit words and content

Discord has AutoMod feature that you can use to have content moderation in your Discord server. Here’s how you can use it

  • Go to the Discord server for which you want to ban words
  • Right click on the server’s name
  • From the menu that comes out click on “Server Settings”
  • From the left side bar click on “AutoMod” under “Moderation”
discord automod filters
  • Now you will be able to see various content filter options
  • First 2 options Block Mention Spam and Block Suspected Spam Content, can be used to monitor and block spam content
  • Now the other two options Block Commonly Flagged Words and Block Custom Words, can be used to filter and ban the words on Discord server.

Set Up Commonly Flagged Words

  • Click on the “Set up” button under Block Commonly Flagged Words
  • Now you can select the type of language that you want to ban
  • You can also add exempt words to avoid some words from getting blocked
Set Up Commonly Flagged Words discord
  • Now select a response that you want to set up like, you can directly block such words or can get alert or both
  • You can select a text channel where you want to receive the alters
  • After selecting the channel, click on “Add Alert”
send alert for words discord
  • You can “Add except roles or channels” if you want
  • Click on “Save Changes” button, and done.

Creating Custom keywords Rules

If you want to ban some custom words, you can set up custom keywords rules.

  • Click on the “Create” button under Block Custom Words
  • Type in all the words that you want to ban or block from the server
  • You can use comma(,) to add different words
ban custom words discord
  • Use asterisk (*) before or after for the partial match else Discord will only take action when the words are fully matched
  • Now select the response for the word- Block message, Send Alert, or Time out user
  • Add any exception of role or channel
  • Click on “Save Changes” button, and done.

Ban Emoji on Discord

In addition to some words, there are emojis that can be inappropriate to use in a particular server. You can use the same method of custom rules to ban emoji on Discord. You just need to enter the emoji in the rules and done.

Ban words on Discord

Discord’s in built AutoMod feature is a great tool to ban or block explicit words and content, and now you know how you can use that. You can let Discord block the words automatically, or can set up custom rules for the same.

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