How To Ban Someone’s IP On Discord

In Discord you can connect with your friends or even can create a community of people from all around the world. You can have hundreds and thousands of people in a Discord server sharing the same interest. But it is very important to efficiently manage the server to give a nice and fun environment to all the members.

To do this, you can have your own rules and guidelines regarding your server. Each member should follow the rules and avoid inappropriate behavior of any type, but if any person makes any type of chaos, you as the owner or the administrator of the server have the right to IP ban the user, so that you can maintain the pleasant environment of the server.

What is Discord IP Ban?

In a typical ban, a user’s account got banned, which means a user will not be able to access the server by their account, but they can create a new account and can try to access the server. But in the IP ban this issue is covered. In an IP ban, the IP of the user is banned which means a person will not be able to access the server from any account from their device. IP ban is the default ban on Discord.

discord ip ban

How to IP ban a user on Discord?

If a person is showing any kind of inappropriate behavior, you can IP ban the user, the full step-by-step procedure to do so is given below.

  • Go to Discord, open the server you want to ban the user from
  • On the left side you will see the member’s list
  • Look for the person you want to ban
  • Right click on their username
  • A menu option will come up, click on “Ban <username>”
ban user discord
  • Now a new window will pop, where you need to select the reason for the ban
  • If you want to delete the user’s message history, you can select that too
  • Once done, click on the “Ban” button, and done.
select ban reason discord
  • The user will be IP banned from the Discord server.

This is how to IP ban a user in Discord online or desktop. You can also use your smartphone to ban a person by following the same steps.

I hope you found this post useful; you may use these measures to remove the person who is not behaving appropriately in the group and is attempting to disrupt other members of the group.

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