How To Ban Someone On Discord

Discord is a place where you can create a community of people having same interest and can interact with them. If you are the admin or have a administrator role, it’s your responsibility to take care of the server and maintain a friendly environment. You should check all the members of the group are following the rules and guidelines of the group.

If a member is not following the rules, or creating an inappropriate environment, the action should be taken against that user. You can kick out the person or even can ban the user from the Discord server. Keep reading the post to know how you can ban someone on Discord.

Ban someone on Discord server

Here is the complete step-by-step procedure to ban a person in Discord server.

  • Open the Discord server
  • On the right side, you will have the member list, find the person you want to ban from that list
  • Right click on the member’s username
  • From the menu, that comes up, click on “Ban <Username>”
ban user discord
  • A confirmation window with title Would you like to ban ‘@<username>?’ will come up
  • You can select how much message history you want to delete
  • Provide the reason for ban
select ban reason discord
  • Click on “Ban” button
  • Discord will not notify the user about ban, but they will not be able to see the server from thereon.

Ban someone who left the Discord server

What if a member is not following rules and regulations and creating chaos, but left the server. They may be chance that the member will try to do the same again. Is there any way to ban the user? Yes, you can ban that user, but we have to go a different way. You need to enable Developer Mode before you ban the user.

  • Go to a channel,server or chat where you can find that person
  • Right click on the username
  • Click on “Copy Id”
copy user id discord
  • Go to the server
  • Type <@userid> and press enter
enter user id discord
  • You will see a message with the username of that person. right-click on the username
  • Click on “Ban Userame”
ban user discord without server
  • A confirmation window will open-up Would you like to ban ‘@<username>?’
  • Select the message history that you want to delete
  • Provide the reason for ban
select ban reason discord
  • Click on “Ban” button, and done.

Ban user without admin privileges

To ban a user from any Discord server you need to have admin privileges or specific role that allow you to ban the user. Without any higher roles privileges you can’t kick out or ban a user from Discord server. If you find a user with suspicious behavior you can contact the admin or moderator.

Final words

You should try to keep the environment on your Discord server friendly and enjoyable. This also includes how you can keep some people away from your server. You can kick out or ban the user who try to disturb the pleasant environment, and now you know how you can do that.

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