How to Backup Discord Chat And DMs

Discord let you communicate with your friends over group chat and dms, but there is no default way that you can use to create a backup of your chat or dms. If you want to save your Discord chat history you have to rely on some other methods. In this post, we are going to discuss about some methods that you can use to create a backup history of your Discord chat and dms.

Copy & Paste

This is the simplest method that you can use to save your chat or dms. If you have something interesting or important in the chats you can go for this method, as it is quite quick and simple. Here are the steps-

  • Go to the group chat or dms
  • Select/highlight the chat that you want to save
  • Right click, to open up the option menu
  • Click on “Copy”, you can also use the keyboard shortcut-“CTRL+C”
copy dm in discord
  • Go to any text editor, for now let’s say, Notepad
  • Paste the copied chat or dms
  • Save the file as with .txt extension and done.
  • You can open up the file whenever you need something from the chat. You can also keep the chat updated.

Using DiscordMate

DiscordMate is a chrome extension that you can use to export your Discord chat or dms. Here’s how you can do it.

  • First of all install DiscordMate extension from the chrome web store
discordmate in discord
  • Open Discord in browser and login
  • Go to the server/group chat or dms that you want to backup
  • Now click on the extension icon and select “DiscordMate”
discordmate extension discord
  • Now enter the start and end time for which you want to save the chats
  • You can also use the drop down menu to enter the dates
  • Click on “Search” options
discordmate chat backup
  • Select the format in which you want to download the file- HTML or CSV(Recommended)
  • Click on the “Export” button
  • And done, the file will be downloaded.
discordmate chat export
  • You can open the file to view all the chats.

This is how you can use the DiscordMate to save your chat history, but there is a catch, DiscordMate is a chromium based extension that means you can use it browser like chrome.

Chat backup on mobile

Discord doesn’t have any kind of in-built feature to create a chat backup, and you can use the extensions in the browsers only, so you don’t have any method to save chat from mobile device. But you can try copy and paste, and use the smartphone’s note or any other app to create a copy.


These are some methods that you can try to have a backup of your Discord chat and dms. We are also eagerly waiting for Discord to give a feature to directly save the chat, we will let you know whenever the update comes in. Till then you know how you can do the trick.

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