How To Avoid IP Ban In Discord Server

Discord is a very fun place where you can engage with your friends and build community. But like all the platforms it has its own rules and regulations. And if you do something out of the Discord guild lines you might get ban.

One can be banned for various different reasons, using a bot which was not allowed, posting some explicit content, or it can be a mistake. Ban can be temporary or permanent.No one like to get ban, so in this post, we will going to talk about how you can avoid IP ban in Discord server, and how you can bypass it.

What is IP ban?

In Discord you can get IP ban which simply means that you can’t use a particular device to access Discord server, even you try to login using a different account, or create a new account. You will still be ban, and will not get access, until and unless you are un-banned.

How to avoid IP ban?

discord ip ban

In Discord there are two types of ban one is server ban, in this ban the server admin bans you from the server. You will be able to access Discord and still be in the other servers, but will not be able to access that particular server. And the other is system-wide ban server, which means you will not get access to any Discord server.

The main reason behind the ban is not following the rules and guidelines of the server. Each server can have its own rules and regulation in addition to the default terms of services of Discord. You need to follow all of them to avoid any kind of ban on Discord.

How to bypass IP ban in Discord?

If you get ban, you have to wait until your account is not un-banned again. But if you get IP ban on Discord you can bypass it, and here’s how you can do that-

Using a different device

If you get IP ban that means you can’t access the Discord server with a particular device, but you can use a different device, which will have different IP address, to access Discord server.

Using VPN

vpn discord

You can use a VPN to bypass the IP ban on Discord. A VPN can mask your IP address, which simply means it will hide your current IP address and assign you a new IP address from a different location server.


Getting ban in Discord is very annoying, and it may be permanent. So you should take care of all the terms and conditions, to avoid any kind of ban on Discord. We have shared how you can avoid ban on Discord and how you can bypass the IP ban. Hope you find the post helpful.

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