How To Avoid Getting Token Logged On Discord

Every social media platform uses authentication to get access to a user account, goes the same with Discord. Besides the user credentials, Discord has token which is used by Discord to encrypt and decrypt the communication with you. Discord token can also be used to get into your account directly.

So if someone got your Discord token, they can access your Discord account and other details directly, which is a topic of concern. To keep yourself safe, you should keep your token safe, in this post, we are going to talk more about Discord token, and how you can avoid getting token logged.

What is Discord token?

As mentioned Discord token is used to encrypt and decrypt the communication between you and Discord’s server. It’s a unique alphanumeric code which is used to authenticate the users, it is created when you create your account, and contains all your details including your username and password.

If someone get’s your token, they can easily break into your account, and can perform any action they want as you, or even can get access to your sensitive information.

How to avoid getting token logged on Discord

Scammers on the internet often attempts to get the Discord token of the users, so it’s very important to keep your Discord Token safe, or if you think that someone has gained your Discord token, taken the following action immediately.

Change your password & enable two factor authentication– Changing your password or enabling 2 factor authentication, will recreate your Discord token. Updating your password regularly can keep you safe. And 2FA will add an extra layer of security to your Discord account. Below is the step-by-step process to do so-

avoid token logged discord
  • On Discord, click on “User Settings” icon
  • Under “My Account” section, scroll down a bit
  • You will find “Password and Authentication” area
  • Click on “Change Password”(follow the procedure on screen) to change your password
  • Click on “Enable Two-Factor Auth” (follow the procedure on screen) to enable 2 Factor Authentication for your account.

Final Words

Discord token can be compromised very easily and used by the scammers. To avoid getting token logged you can do the above mentioned things, and be careful while you are on the internet.

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