How To Avoid Getting Hacked On Discord

Discord has gain a massive popularity in recent times, initially developed for gamers, Discord has now become a place, having millions of daily active users, where any one can connect with people having same interests and can build a community.But these crazy numbers has also attracted many other aspects too.

Spam, hack, doxxing and other internet attacks are increasing day by day, and Discord’s users are also becoming the targets. Everyone want to keep their account safe, so in this post, we are going to talk about how you can avoid getting hacked on Discord.

Is Discord safe?

Joining and using Discord is quite simple, which makes it one of the most used social media platform. But the same thing also cause trouble, as any one can join Discord, and probably one can use the Discord account for malicious activities.

is discord safe

Any one can join any public server and then can go into individual users account, plus Discord uses TLS encryption and not end-to-end encryption, which means one can view your messages and communication with others. But there are some tips that you can use to protect your Discord account.

Tips to avoid getting hacked, spam, or any other attack on Discord


2 factor authentication is one of the basic thing that you should use to protect your Discord account. It adds an additional layer of security to protect your accounts.


Privacy Settings

Discord let you adjust your privacy and security settings. You can go to Privacy & Safety menu to set “keep me safe” settings for your account. You can also limit friend request, so that you don’t get friends request from anyone.

Avoid unknown friend request and servers

One thing that you can take care is to avoid any kind of public server or message or friend request that looks suspicious. Don’t accept friend request from the people you don’t know, and block the known users from the DMs as well.

Don’t click on any unfamiliar link

unknown links doxxing

Don’t click on any link or url which looks unfamiliar or suspicious. Never download anything from any source that you don’t know or trust. If any url or link you to the external websites, there might be chance that the website can take and store your personal information.

Moderator setting and roles

Discord gives you the ability to gives various roles, permissions and other moderator settings of your server to other members, so that you can manage the server effectively. So be careful when you assign roles to people.

Stay Safe

Discord is a very fun place, but there are some people with some different intentions. So protecting yourself over the internet is our responsibility. Be careful, and use the above mentioned tips to avoid getting hacked on Discord.

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