How To Avoid Getting Doxed On Discord?

Discord is a platform where you can connect with millions of people online. Anyone in Discord can be a part of a community server with hundreds and thousands of people in it. This could lead to the doxing attacks to the member of servers, if the server is not efficiently managed.

Doxing can be very serious issue. But we can take some actions to avoid these kinds of issues. In this post, we are going to discuss about doxing and how you can protect yourself from getting doxed in Discord.

What is Doxing?

Doxing(also “Doxxing”)word comes from the word “Document”. In late 1990s hackers shortened the word to “docs” and then “dox”. The anonymous hackers collective helped the word to gain popularization. Doxing means finding someone’s personal information and expose it online. Doxing is used for harassing, bullying, or to take personal revenge from a person.

what is doxxing

In Discord, your username is public and it is directly linked to your account. Anyone can use your username to find you and to connect with you. But you can keep your personal identity behind the username.

But this is not the only information available, by Doxxing one can aim to get your information like your name, IP address, physical address, or any other kind of sensitive information and leak/share it online without your concern.

Avoid getting Doxxed on Discord

Doxxing can be a great threat to your security. You can check out below mentioned points to protect yourself from getting Doxxed on Discord.

Discord roles and rights

In Discord server, all the members have different rights and roles. Make sure that only authorized person has the administrator role and higher rights. Member can also use their rights to kick out or prevent suspicious user to get into Discord server.

Using 2FA


2 factor authentication is an additional layer to your account. After 2FA is enabled, no one can compromise your account, and if someone tries, you will get notified.

Update password regularly

You can keep track on your passwords and updating them regularly can help in protecting your account from any kind of attacks like Doxxing.

Don’t click on links

unknown links doxxing

One of the most common way to Dox is to trick someone by links. It can be login links, any file download link, or any kind of form. So make sure you don’t click on any link that look suspicious or from the unknown person. And if you redirected to an external website using the link which ask for personal information, please avoid to mention any kind of details.

Using VPN

vpn discord

Your IP address is one of the most vulnerable thing, most of the attacks want to find out your IP address which also linked with your physical location. Using a VPN is a great idea to protect your IP address from any kind of Doxxing attacks.

Protect yourself in this online world

These are some ways that you can use to protect yourself from Doxxing on Discord. But attackers are trying new methods everyday, and people are facing lots of issue due to this. So it’s your responsibility to be cautious when using internet.

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