How To Auto Mute In Discord

Discord let you communicate with many people on the same time, you can use text channel or voice channel for your communication. But sometimes you may have some background noise, or you don’t want to share your thoughts at that time. Sometimes people, including me forgot to mute, which can disturb the overall communication.

So what to do? It’s simple. Discord let you choose when you want to talk, or when you want to keep your mute. There are multiple ways that you can use to mute or unmute yourself on Disord, and in this post, we will talk about the same.

Mute and Unmute on Discord

Discord gives you the feature to mute or unmute yourself. By muting yourself means that no one can hear you in the channel, all the voice or noise of your side will not be shared in the voice channel.

How to mute in Discord

Muting yourself is quite simple. You will find two icons at the bottom in Discord. One is mic icon(for Mute and Unmute) and a headphone icon for (Deafen and Undeafen). Click on mic icon to mute or unmute yourself. Click on headphone icon to deafen or undeafen.

mute unmute on discord

You can use mute/unmute icon to share your voice with other or not. With deafen and undeafen you can select to hear or not the voices of other.

Use keys to mute in Discord

You can also set up and use keys to mute in Discord. Follow the steps to do so-

  • Open Discord and click on “User Settings”
discord user settings
  • Now scroll down the left side bar
  • Click on “Keybinds”
keybinds to mute on discord
  • Now click on “Add a Keybind” button
  • A new action will be created
  • Click on the drop down menu and select “Push to Mute” or “Toggle Mute”
  • Now click on “Record Keybind” on the right to select the key
mute new keybind discord
  • Now press the key or key combinations that you want to use for mute/unmute
  • Save the setting and Done!!
  • Now you can use the key or key combinations that you have set to mute on Discord.

Auto mute in Discord

Unfortunately, at this time Discord doesn’t have any auto mute feature. You have to take care yourself regarding this settings. You can always look at the mic icon to check if you are mute or not. A red mark cross over the mic icon means that you are mute, and you can use any of the method share above to mute/unmute in Discord.

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