How To Auto Delete Messages In Discord

Discord is a great app to stay in touch with your friends and community. Discord gives feature to send text, audio, or video in the channel. The text feature is one of the most used chat feature. But after a long time, there could be thousands of messages, that you might feel difficult to handle.

But don’t worry, you can delete the messages that you don’t want. In this post we will about about how you can delete messages on Discord, and will tell you about the bots that you can use to auto delete your Discord messages.

Deleting Discord messages

Deleting a single message in Discord is quite simple. Here’s how you can do it-

  • Open up Discord
  • Go to the server/channel/personal dm
  • Hover over the message that you want to delete
  • A menu icon will pop-up
  • Click on the three dot icon
delete message in discord
  • Click on “Delete Message” from the drop down
  • Again click “Delete” button
  • You have deleted the message permanently.

Auto delete Discord message

If you want to delete messages in bulk or want to auto delete Discord messages, you need to use third party bots to do so. There are multiple bots available to do that task. To use any bot you just need to go to the official website of that bot and click on “Invite” button, select the server on which you want to use the bot, Authorize the bot, and done. Below we are sharing some of the bots that you can try.

Auto Delete

As the name suggest Auto Delete is Discord bot that you can use to delete the messages automatically. In Auto Delete you can set up a time parameter after which all the messages will be deleted by the bot.

auto delete bot in discord

To delete the messages you can give the command @AutoDelete start time you can replace time with the time that you want to delete the messages like 1h, 50s, etc. To reset you can give command @AutoDelete set 0 to stop Auto Delete.


Mee6 is a very popular Discord bot. It is a multi-purpose bot, you can set up many process on Discord using this bot. It also comes with messages delete function. To delete messages using Mee6 you can use command !clear which will delete last 100 messages. You can also give the required parameter to delete the messages like !clear 500 to delete last 500 messages.

mee6 delete message in discord

Clearer Bot

While there are many other bots available in the market. This one is very unique, all of the bot comes with the limitations like deleting only limited messages, not able to delete old messages or any other limitations. But Clearer Bot overcome all the limitations and can delete all the messages. Just give the command n!nuke and give the confirmation, and everything will be deleted.

clearerbot delete message in discord

What Clearer Bot actually do is, it delete the channel, and create a new channel with same name, property, users, and permissions. This looks like you have deleted everything on the channel, and get a fresh start.

Final words

Now you know how you can delete a single message, or bulk messages in Discord. You can also use the bots to auto delete messages as per your need, so that’s it for this post. Hope you find it useful.

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