How To Auto Assign Roles In discord Using Dyno

Assigning roles are one of the most important thing to manage the community in Discord server. But if the channel members list goes large, it became very tough to assign each member a role manually. In this case you can use Dyno bot, which can manage the roles on the server automatically.

Roles are the privileges or the power that you give to somebody to perform a specific task in the server. Using Dyno bot you can assign roles to the Discord channel automatically, and in this post, you will get to know, how you can set up the bot for the same.

Dyno Bot

Dyno bot is a very famous and widely used multi-functional bot that can be used to perform various activities to manage the server automatically. While Dyno bot comes with different options most people use Dyno bot to manage the roles in the server.

Setting Up Dyno Bot

  • First of all go the official website of Dyno Bot
  • Click on “Add to Server” button
add dyno bot discord
  • Dyno bot comes in 3 versions- Free Plan, Premium 1x($4.99/month) and Custom Premium($9.99/month), you can choose as per your needs
dyno bot versions
  • After that you will be redirected to Discord
  • Select a server where you want to use Dyno bot
  • Click on “Continue” button
dyno bot set up discord
  • Read and give all the required permissions
  • Click on “Authorize” button
authorize dyno bot discord
  • Now select a prefix( a character that you will use before entering any command)
  • Select the time zone
  • Click on “Next” button
select time zone dyno bot
  • Choose the channel and click on “Next”
select channel dyno bot
  • In next step you will be asked to upgrade your account to premium, if not interested directly click on “Done” button
dyno bot in discord installed
  • Click on “Manage Servers” from the page, if you are not redirected to Dyno page, click on “Dyno” icon from left pane
  • Now select the server, and go to “Bot Settings” section, here you can update nickname, Manager roles(all user in this category will get the access to Dyno Bot dashboard), and other options
  • Click on “Save” button.
dyno bot dashboard

Auto assign roles in Discord using Dyno Bot

  • On the same Dyno Bot page, go to “Modules” drop down
  • Click on “Autoroles”
dyno bot autoroles
  • Click on “Select Role”
  • Now choose the role that you want to assign
  • Now in “Delay(Minutes)” enter the time length, in minutes, which is necessary to acquire that role, for immediate assigning enter 0
  • Click on “Add” button
add role dyno bot
  • New role will be auto assign to the member after the time mentioned.

So, that’s all about auto assigning roles in Discord using Dyno bot. Hope you find the most helpful.

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