How To Archive A Discord Channel

In Discord you might have multiple channels that keep you in touch with your friends, family or other community people. But sometimes it might be very difficult to manage all of them together. You may find too many chat in the channel, in which you don’t want to interact.

To overcome this issue, archiving a Discord channel is the best option for you. Users have also requested for the archive feature but we don’t have any official feature yet. But don’t worry, in this post, you will get a complete step by step guide about how you can archive a channel in Discord.

Archiving a Discord Channel

You might get disturb from too many chats in the channel, or your channel might have become inactive, and it is getting tough to manage all the channels. Now you can archive all these inactive or unwanted channels on your Discord server.

Archiving a Discord server simply means that you temporarily disabling that server, that means all the channels will got hidden until you want to make them active again. This is a great option when you want a little break to focus on other tasks.

How to archive a Discord Channel

While this is not the official way to archive a channel but it will work. Here are the complete steps

  • Open up Discord
  • Go to the server you want to archive
  • Right click on the channel name
  • Hover to “Mute Channel”
mute channel on discord
  • Click on “Until I turn it back on”
  • Now right click on the channel
  • Click on “Remove from channel list” and done!!
discord archive channel

How to unarchive a Discord channel

Archiving a channel will hide that channel even from the channel list. But you always have the option to get it back. Below we have shared complete steps that you can use to unarchive a channel-

  • Go to the left side bar where you can see your channels list
  • Click on the three dot icon from the bottom
  • Click on the “Browse Channel”
browse discord channel
  • Now you will get the list of all the channels
  • Check mark on the channel that you want to view again
check mark on view channel
  • Now right click on the channel
  • Click on unmute channel, from the drop down, and Done!!
unmute channel on discord


That’s a wrap up for this post. Now you know, how you can archive or unarchive a channel whenever required. Hope you find the post useful.

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