How To Apply For Discord Moderator

Discord is a platform where millions of people interact with each other on a daily basis. While most of people have fun and enjoy the communities, there are some people who try to spread negativity or hate. Discord always monitors activity and addresses any kind of issue or conflict that may arise.

All these things come under Discord moderator services, and you can also be a Discord moderator, wanna know how? Just read the full post, in this post, we will talk about Discord moderators and how you can apply to be one.

Discord Moderators

Discord moderators have a very crucial role in keeping Discord a safe and entertaining platform, where people can come together and enjoy. Discord moderators monitor the activities of the users, make sure everyone follows Discord’s rules and guidelines, and try to resolve any kind of issue that arises with the users.

Discord moderators also try to maintain positive and respectful behavior on the platform. They always help the users to resolve their issues like harassment or bullying by taking appropriate actions.

Be a certified Discord moderator

Know about Discord Policies-First of all you need to be familiar with Discord’s terms and conditions, rules, guidelines, and many other things, to do so you can check out various resources available at Discord’s Safety Library(Discord Moderator Academy). Go through various resources and make yourself knowledgeable regarding Discord.


Take the test– Once you are done reading the resources. It’s time to give a test to know how much you have learned so far, whether are you now able to handle important moderator situations, how is your decision-making skills, and more. You will find the test in Discord’s Moderator Academy’s article.

Invite to join Discord Moderator Community– Once you pass your test, you will get the invite to join the Discord moderator community. Within this community, you can interact with other Discord moderators and can share your knowledge with each other.

Be Active– Now it’s time to get into the work. Do collaborative efforts with all the moderators to make Discord a welcoming and safe space for all.

Final Thoughts

Having a Discord moderator badge looks very cool but it has its own responsibilities and duties that need to be fulfilled. Every user on Discord wants to enjoy with their friends and community without any kind of issue, and you can help create that environment for them.

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