How To Apply And Use Server Templates On Discord

Discord is a platform where you can create and manage different servers. But to create and manage multiple servers can be a tough work, where you need to take care of server settings, roles, permissions and different aspect of the servers.

To take care of all these things, Discord let you create and apply server templates which comes very handy while creating new servers. Discord templates allows you to re-use an existing servers’s category, roles, permissions and other settings. In this post, we are going to show you how you can create and apply a server template in Discord.

Creating a server template on Discord

To create a server template, you need to have Manage Server permission, or you need to own the server. If you have these permission, follow the given below steps-

  • Open up and login to Discord
  • Now right-click on the server that you want to use as server template
  • Click on “Server Settings”
  • Now go to “Server Template”
server template discord
  • You will be redirected to a new window, enter the template title and description
  • Click on “Generate Template”
new server template discord
  • A server template link will be generated
  • Click on “Copy” button to share or use the template.
copy new server template discord

You have successfully created a server template. Now let me show you how you can use the created server template.

Use Discord server template

  • You need to go to a web browser and paste the link that we copy after creating the server template
  • Now you will the details about the Discord server template
  • Click on the “Create” button
use discord server template
  • You have now created a new server using the Discord server template

Updating the Discord server template

You might do new changes to your server. But none of the change will be updated to the server template that you have created. You need to update or sync the server template manually to get the new changes, and here’s how you can do this-

  • Right click on the server
  • Go to “Server Settings”
server template discord
  • Click on “Server Template”
  • Now click on the “Sync Template” button to get all the changes.
update discord server template

Final Thoughts

Discord server template can be used to duplicate your server setup and help to create a new server instantly. By using the server template link a new server with same roles, channels, permissions and other settings can be created just by a single click. And now you know how you can do this. Wrapping up. Hope you like the post.

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