How To Apply A New Background In Discord

Discord comes with a basic user interface and theme. While you can do many things to enhance your experience on Discord, you get limited options to customize the background or theme. Discord gives you the feature to change your Discord background color, but currently it is available only with for the Nitro users.

If you are using Discord for free, you can only have the light or dark theme to use, or you need to use 3rd party bots or add-ons to customize your background. In this post, we will talk about all the options that you can use to apply a new background in Discord.

Change Discord theme using color

As I mentioned earlier, you can change the background color, if you are a Discord Nitro subscriber, so if you have the Nitro Subscription, you can follow the below given steps-

  • Open Discord and login
  • Click on the “User Settings” icon
discord user settings
  • From the left toolbar, click on “Appearance” under “APP SETTINGS” option
  • Now under the “THEME” section, you can check all the color that you can use
  • Click on the color that you want to use
color themes discord
  • Press “ESC” or click on “X” icon, given in the top right corner.
  • Your new background color is applied.
apply color theme discord

Change Discord theme- Dark or Light

If you don’t have the Discord Nitro subscription, you have the option to change the background theme to dark or light, here are the steps to do so-

  • Open the Discord
  • Go to “User Settings”
  • In the left tool bar, under “APP SETTINGS”, go to “Appearance”
dark or light themes discord
  • Now in “THEME” section, you can choose from Dark or Light theme options.

You can do the same in your smartphone as well, using the same steps.

Apply a custom background or theme

Even if you have Nitro subscription, you get very limited options to change the background. If you want to get more customization options, you need to use a 3rd party application like BetterDiscord. BetterDiscord is an extension that you can use to customize and apply a new background in Discord. You just need to install it, and download the theme that you want to use.

Final Words

Discord gives you a very simple and easy to use user interface. While most of the people don’t mind the Discord’s default background, everyone has their own opinions. So if you also want to apply a new background to Discord, you can do it. We have shared all the methods that you can use. Hope you find the post useful.

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