How To Appear Playing A Game On Discord

Discord was developed for gaming community earlier, that’s why it gives various amazing features that are inclined with gamers like streaming or showing the activity status. Millions of people use the Discord feature to communicate and to share their what they are currently doing.

Activity status is a great feature of Discord which shows your current status like what game you are playing and from when. So if you also want to appear playing a game on Discord with your friends, this post is for you. In this post, we will talk about how you can use the activity status on Discord.

Enable activity status on Discord

  • Open up Discord
  • Click on the “User Settings” button
  • Look for “Activity Status” in the left sidebar under “ACTIVITY SETTINGS”, if not visible click on “Activity Privacy”
turn on activity status
  • Now toggle on the switch next after “Display current activity as a status message.”
  • Discord will not automatically detect and you will appear as playing a game(mostly).

Add Discord gaming status

As mentioned already, Discord will automatically detect and display your status as Playing XYZ, but if you are playing game that are not recognized by Discord, you will not appear as playing on Discord. For these games you have to set up the game manually. Here are the steps for that-

  • Click on “User Settings” icon
  • Go to the “Activity Status” tab
  • Click on “Add it!” button
  • Discord will show up all the open applications, select whatever game you are playing
  • And Done !! Now your activity status will be changed to Playing in Discord.

Custom Status

You can also use the custom status option to appear as playing in Discord. You can add whatever you want to show, and it will be showing with your account status. Follow the steps for the same-

  • Click on your profile/name icon
  • Now from the menu, click on “Set Custom Status”
set custom status
  • Now enter the text that you want to show
  • From “CLEAR AFTER” drop down, select the duration for which you want to set the status
  • Select the account status from “Status” drop down
  • Click on “Save” button
save custom status discord account
  • And Done!! Your account status with custom message will be visible to your friends.

Now you know how you can appear playing in Discord, and how can you even set up the custom account status. Hope you find the post helpful.

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