How To Appear Offline To One Person On Discord

Discord is a platform where you can connect with different people for different reasons. You might have a server for your professional work, where you and your office team communicate with each other, and a different server where you play with your friends.

So in Discord you are connected even with your colleague, manager, friend or even strangers. And Discord gives you the feature of account status that you can use to appear online, or offline as per your availability. You might want to appear online to your friend on weekend but offline to your manager. Can you do that? Let’s find out in the post.

Appear offline in Discord

  • Go to the Discord app
  • Click on your profile name/picture
  • In account status option select “Invisible”
go offline in discord
  • You can also create a custom account status with custom message, click on “Set Custom Status”
  • Write the message that you want to display
  • Select “Don’t Clear”, from “CLEAR AFTER” drop down
  • Select “Invisible” in “STATUS” drop down
set custom status for offline in discord
  • At last, click on “Save” button.

Now you will appear offline to everyone, while you can use Discord as normally.

Appear offline to one person on Discord

Now you know how to look offline in Discord, but can you appear offline to one person in Discord? Sometimes you want to appear online to your friend and enjoy but want to look offline to your colleague or manager, so sometime you want to appear offline to your friend to focus more on your work. So is it possible to do so?

No, you can’t do that. Whatever account status that you select for your profile, will be for everyone. If you are online, everyone can see that, if you set offline, you will appear offline to everyone. You can’t appear offline to one specific person.

The Solution

We understand that, it could be very cumbersome to manage all the people on Discord all together. But what you can do is, you can set your account status “Invisible” and appear offline for everyone, but you can use Discord as you do normally. Or you can create separate account for your professional work and personal work, or for any other reason.

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