How To Appear Offline In A Specific Discord Server

Discord is a place where you can be a part of multiple communities and can interact with them. But it is also very important to know that whether you or someone is available or not. For this purpose, Discord gives various account status options that you can use for your profile based on your current availability.

In this post, we are going to talk more about Discord account status, and how you can appear offline, and is there any way that you can appear offline to a server but online to a different server. Read the full post, to find out.

Online, Idle, Do not disturb and Invisible

Online, Idle, Do not disturb and Invisible, these are the 4 account status that you can use for your Discord profile, in addition to that you can even set your custom account status, with custom text message. Below you can find the complete step by step procedure to mark yourself as offline in Discord.

Appear offline in Discord

  • Open up Discord app and login
  • From the bottom left side, click on your profile name/picture
  • Hover to the account status and select “Invisible”
go offline in discord
  • Click on “Set Custom Status”, if you want to set a self made account status or message
  • Write the message that you want to display
  • Select “Don’t Clear”, from “CLEAR AFTER” drop down
  • Select “Invisible” in “STATUS” drop down
set custom status for offline in discord
  • Click on “Save” button.

Appear offline in a specific Discord server

Now you know how you can make yourself appear offline in Discord server. But do you make yourself appear offline in a specific Discord server? The answer is NO. Discord doesn’t have the functionality to set different account status for different server yet, hope we see it in the future update of the app.

The other way

While there is no way to set different account status, you can keep yourself out of any specific server, you don’t want to be active in. Or you can create multiple accounts, that you can use for different communities, like one for gaming, one for causal chats with friends, one for professional stuff, etc. Mark yourself “Invisible” in any server without getting effected for other accounts.

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