How To Appeal A Disabled Discord Account: Reason & Fixes

Do your Discord account got disabled? There could be many reason behind that, but if you think, it got disabled by mistake you can make a appeal to Discord for disable account. In this post, we will talk about the reasons that could be behind your disable account, and what you can do next.

Reason for disabled Discord account

There are various reasons that can disable your Discord account. Below we are mentioning some most common reasons for the same.

You went against Discord guidelines– This is the most common reason that your Discord account is disabled. You might have posted something that goes against the Discord terms of services or community guidelines it includes cyber bullying, spreading viruses, sharing pirated things, illegal or dangerous behavior with other,etc.

discord disable account

Entering wrong credentials– If you try to login to your Discord account, but failed multiple times due to wrong credentials, your account can be disabled. It is a way to keep your account safe from any unauthorized access.

The age factor– Discord only allow people above the age of 18 to join the platform. If you have joined the platform any how, and Discord algorithm has found out that your age is below 18, your account will be disabled. Off course it can be a false positive.

How to appeal for disabled Discord account

If you think, you haven’t to any thing which can disable your Discord account, and it’s a mistake, you can make an appeal to Discord support for the same. Below you can find the complete procedure to do so.

discord disable account appeal
  • Now enter your attached email
  • In the next drop down menu select “Appeal an action taken to my account or bot”
  • Next select “An action taken on my account”
  • Now write “Account Disabled” or something like that in “Subject Line”
support service for discord disable account
  • Write the description about the issue you are facing
  • At last submit the appeal by clicking on “Submit” button.
submit discord disable account appeal


Now you have submitted the appeal for your disabled Discord account. You can expect a reply within 1 week or 10 days. If your account got disabled due to any mistake, you will get the account back. Make sure now you follow all the community guidelines and rules to avoid any kind of account level actions.

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