How To Appeal A Ban On Discord: (Multiple Ways)

Creating and managing a Discord server is a difficult task. Owners and moderators must look after all channel users and ensure a calm environment in the group; as a result, some persons may be banned as a result of their actions, or as a result of a mistake.

If you were banned due to your actions or by error, and you have recognized your mistake and want to rejoin the server, you must appeal your ban. In this post, we’ll go over different methods you can utilize to appeal your Discord ban.

Types of appeal systems

When you are banned from a server, you cannot contact anyone through the group, thus you must send an appeal through some other means. Owners or administrators may have several types of appeal mechanisms through which you can send a request. You can try to contact them to find out what appeal method they employ, and then submit them an appeal. Here are some examples of appeal systems.

Email to unban

You can appeal a Discord ban using the email. Many user use this method of email appealing. You can send an email with a certain format and the necessary details, to the owner or the administrator of the server to revoke your ban from the server.

Discord Bot

You can check if the server has a Discord appealing bot. You can send a direct message to the bot to appeal for ban. Most owner and administrator frequently check Discord rather than emails, so you will have a great chance to get unbanned from the server.

discord bot


It’s quite common to have a website, if the community is quite large. If you were the part of a community of a large number of people, or your community has a website. You can go to the website to contact the administrator to appeal the ban.

Other methods

Different servers can have different type of appeal systems that you can use. If the group has very few people, you might send an appeal directly through the DM, a relativity big server might be using online forms like google forms, or they might have a different server where you can contact them to appeal for the ban.


The owner or administrator of the server makes the decision to ban or unban. To send an appeal, make sure you supply true and proper information, and then check what type of appeal system the server employs and take the appropriate step.

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