How To Always Run Discord As Admin

You can run Discord with admin permissions on your desktop. While there is no need to run the Discord with admin privileges to run it nicely. You can use Discord in its full potential even without the admin access. But if there is something that needs admin permission, you can use the Discord with the same. And in this post, you will get to know how you can run Discord as admin.

Run Discord with admin access

It is quite easy to run Discord with admin access. To do so right click on Discord shortcut, from the menu select “Run as administrator”. Click on “Yes”, in the new pop-up to start the app. It is the easiest way to open Discord with admin access. You can even use shortcut keys to open Discord with admin permissions.

run discord as admin shortcut

Go to “Start” menu and search for Discord, there you also get the option “Run as administrator”, click on that to open the app. Or press “CTRL + SHIFT” and click on Discord icon, to open the app. But you need to do it every time you open Discord app, but there is a way that you can use to run Discord as administrator automatically.

Always Run Discord As Admin

Follow the steps to set up Discord to run with admin privilege always.

  • Right click on the Discord app shortcut
  • Click on “Properties”
  • Go to “Compatibility” tab
  • Check mark on the box next to “Run this program as administrator”
run discord as admin automatically
  • Click on “Apply” button
  • Click on “OK” button.

Do you need admin permission to use Discord app?

No, you don’t need administrator permissions to run Discord app. Discord app doesn’t do any kind of system changes. It also doesn’t modify any kind of software or hardware settings, so you can run Discord even with basic user settings.

Do you need to have admin access to get all the features of Discord?

No, you don’t. You can use Discord with all of its features with the basic user settings as well. Within Discord app you might have different roles, and privileges that you might change as per your requirement. But you don’t miss out on any Discord feature, even if you don’t run Discord as administrator.

That’s all for this post. Hope you like it. You might not need to run Discord as admin to run it properly, but in any condition, you need it, you know how to do that.

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