How To Always Appear Online On Discord | Set Your Status

Discord let you communicate with your friends in multiple ways. But it is very important to know that are you available now or not. For this Discord has various account status and Discord let you update your status as you want. In addition to that, Discord has a feature to add custom status.

In this post, we are going to talk more about Discord status, and how you can always appear online on Discord. So that your friends can get in touch with you whenever they want. So let’s start.

Discord account status

Sometimes you are just have enough time to have fun with your friends, or sometime you don’t want anyone to disturb you. In both of the cases Discord let you select your account status as per your requirements. Discord has 4 different account status that you can use to show to your account which are- Online, Idle, Do not disturb and Invisible.

discord account status
  • Online– It appears with a green circle beside your avatar. This means you are available to connect.
  • Idle– It appears with a yellow circle beside your avatar. This means that you are on Discord, but you are away from the keyword for a certain amount of time. Normally you will switch to IDLE automatically.
  • Do not disturb– It will appears with a red circle beside your avatar. This will mute all the notifications.
  • Invisible– As the name suggest, you will appear offline to others, but you can perform all the activities on Discord as normal, including sending DMs to your friend without appearing online.

Change account status to online in Discord

  • Open up Discord and login
  • On the bottom left side, you will see your profile name and picture, click on that
apply online discord
  • Now hover to the account status and select “Online”
  • To create custom status, click on “Set Custom Status”
  • Type in the message that you want to show
  • From “CLEAR AFTER” drop down select “Don’t Clear”
  • Select “Online” in “STATUS” drop down
save custom status discord account
  • Click on “Save” button

Set online status on Discord mobile

  • Open the Discord app and click on your profile icon from the top right side of the screen(If not visible click on Three Horizontal line menu from the top left side)
  • Click on “Set Status”
  • Now click on “Online” to set your account status
appear online in discord mobile
  • You can also set custom status in mobile also, click on “Set a Custom Status”
  • Type in your message
  • Select “Don’t clear”
  • Click on “Save” button

Set Discord account status

Discord has various account account status that you can use as per your availability. In this post, we have shared everything about the Discord status and how you can set up them. Hope you like the post.

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