How To Allow Screen Share On Discord – Complete Guide

Discord has gain love from millions of people, who daily use the social media platform for communication. Not only chat, but Discord also allow audio and video chats. To enhance the communication experience, Discord also let you share your screen.

Screen sharing on Discord is a great way to enjoy movies, live streams or games with your friends. In this post, we will share the complete guide regarding how you can allow screen share on Discord.

Permission for sharing screen in Discord

To share the screen you need the “Video” permission. You can get video permission by role based or channel based. If you are the server owner or admin you can easily update the setting, or can ask the server admin to set the permission.

For specific role, go to Server Settings>>Roles enable video permission.
For specific channel, go to Edit Channel>>Permissions enable video permission.

Share screen with Go Live in Discord

Go Live is the feature in Discord that you can use to share your screen to everyone in the Discord server. Here are the steps to use the feature-

  • First of all, join a voice channel of your choice in your Discord server
  • Now click on “Screen” icon from the voice status panel, near the bottom left corner
share screen discord
  • A new window will pop up
  • Now select the app window that you want to share, or you can select the whole screen to share in the server
share screen discord single window
  • For single application go to “Applications” tab, or “Window” for full screen go to “Entire Screen”
  • At last, click on “Go Live” or “Share”button, given at the bottom, when you are ready to share your screen.

Share screen in Discord DM

You can also share your screen with a single person using Discord DM. To do that, you need to go to the DM and follow the steps-

  • First of all, start a call by pressing the phone or video icon in the DM
  • Once you start the call, click on “Share Your Screen” from call panel
  • A new window will pop-up where you can select what to share
  • Go to “Applications” or “Window”for sharing single application window, to share the whole screen you can go to “Entire Screen” option
  • After your selection, click on “Go Live” button, this will start sharing your screen with the person


Discord’s screen sharing is an amazing feature. You can use it for having fun with your friends, or can also share important stuff. We have already shared how you can allow screen share in Discord in this post. Hope you find it useful.

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