How To Allow Explicit Content On Discord

Discord is a platform where you can find channels for everything that you might interested in. It also include explicit content as well. But Discord has explicit content filter that filters out all the explicit content on Discord server and keep the content away from the user, as it might not be suitable for them.

If you find explicit content suitable for you, you can allow explicit content on Discord, just by turning explicit content filter off. And in this post, I will guide you how you can to that. So let’s get into the post.

What is Explicit content?

In simple terms explicit content, is the content which may not be appropriate for the users, it can include violence, and kind of physical or mental abuse, strong or discriminatory language, sexual or adult content, hate speeches, etc.

explicit content discord

Discord have strict policy against explicit content. While Discord allow these type of content over the server, but it has to be in the specific channels. And user can also use the explicit content filter to keep themselves safe from these kind of content.

Explicit Content filter

Discord comes with explicit content filter, which is very useful if you want to keep yourself away from the type of content you find inappropriate. Parents can also use the filter to protect their children from negative, bad or unwanted content on the server.

explicit content discord filter

So, we can say that explicit content filter, is a great feature given by Discord which you can turn on to protect yourself or your kids from unwanted peoples, pictures, or content. But if you want, to allow the explicit content, you can turn off the filter, and here’s how you can do that.

Allow explicit content on Discord

By default the explicit content filter is turned on. You can find various filters options that you can use based on your preference. Below are the steps to allow explicit content from anyone in the channel.

  • Open the Discord app
  • Click on the “User Settings”
discord user settings
  • Go to “Privacy & Safety” tab
  • Now select “Do not filter all direct messages” in “Explicit image filter” section
allow explicit content discord
  • Close the settings

This will allow the explicit content on Discord channel.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up the post, we have shared everything about explicit content filter on Discord, and how you can allow explicit content on the server. Just be take care of the content you share and consume, should be inline with the Discord community guidelines, to avoid any kind of issues. Hope you like the post.

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