How To Allow Direct Message On Discord From Everyone

Discord is an amazing app to communicate with multiple people over voice or text messages. You can connect with your friends or community of people with same liking. On the other hand Discord also gives the feature to communicate via direct messages, so that you can share your thoughts, directly to that person only.

Dms on Discord are great way to have a safe communication. But not everyone can send you a direct message or vice versa, and lot of people have some doubts and queries regarding Dms on Discord. So, in this post, we are going to talk about how you can allow direct message on Discord and many other details about the Dms on Discord.

How to allow Dms on Discord

First of all let me know that only people you are friend with or have mutual server can send you a direct message. And you can change the settings regrading the same also. So here’s how you can do that.

  • Open Discord, and click on “User Settings”
  • Go to “Privacy & Safety”, here you will find all the Dms settings
  • Scroll down and toggle on “Allow message from server members”,
  • Also toggle on “Enable message request from server members you may not know”
allow direct message on discord settings

These steps will allow all the mutual server members to send you the direct message on Discord. But it can be tough to find or join the mutual server. So what you can do is you can be friends and this will allow the direct message on Discord.

You can readHow to add friend on Discord or How to accept friend request on Discord to know more.

To let everyone send you a friend request follow the below given steps-

  • On your Discord app, click on “User Settings”
  • Go to “Friend Requests” tab
  • Now toggle on “Everyone”
friend request discord
  • And done!!

Where to check Dms on Discord

On the home tab of Discord web or desktop version, you will get all the message you received from someone. You also get a “Message Requests” option, where you can check all the message request and then “Ignore” or “Accept DM” based on your choice.

In request section, you also get a “Spam” folder, where you can check the message that look like spams and Discord filtered out them.

dms on discord

So that’s it for this post. Discord allows direct messages, but only if you are friend with someone. If you are a mutual member of server, you can send a message request also. You can also update all the kinds of settings for Discord Dms based on your preference as mentioned in the post.

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